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Midnight Doodle Tote Bag - Doodle Method Series

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Product Details
Brand: Pink Merl Design Co.

Perfect for carrying art supplies, laptops, secrets, groceries, and more! This Doodle Method inspired canvas tote features an inner zipper pocket perfect for your wallet, phone, and those slippery little chapsticks that normally find comfort with the crumbs in the bottom of your ~other~ bags.. And most importantly, the ENTIRE bag zips at the top for maximum security of your precious belongings! Never be afraid of tripping in public and losing your important documents to the wind.

Doodle Bag will spice up any outfit and provide the ultimate confidence boost. With hand-painted doodles, each bag is guaranteed to be unique while maintaining quality, functionality, and pizazz. It all starts with a doodle :)

Special Features:

- Zipper at opening

- Inside Zipper pocket with hand-painted special edition number

- Gusseted Bottom for extra room

- Midnight base color with hand-painted marshmallow doodles, all conveying a different story!

- Opposite side branded with hand printed Pink Merl logo

Material: 100% Cotton Canvas

Color: Midnight
Print: Marshmallow Doodles
Size: 20"W x 15"H x 5"D / 24" Handles

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